How to activate your orgone (life force energy) pendants or any Spiritual Tools

How to activate your orgone (life force energy) pendants or any Spiritual Tools

In one of my meditations I received the information on how to activate
our orgone pendants to NEW levels.

I like to call this the "Circling finger method" :-)

It is very simple, and extremelly powerful!!!

Use circular Clockwise motion with any finger of your right hand
around the front edge of the pendant.

When you need an extra boost of energy or an opening of chakra/meridians
or whatever you need at the time, it will activate and energize FAST!

This is really cool, you have to TRY!!

Orgone works more subtly and most of the people who are energy sensitive
can feel the energy of Orgone Pendants, specially in the begining.

                   use clockwise motion

But when you need a fast boost or extra energy use the above
circling motion over your pendant.

And not only this... Check this one out! :-)

I have tried this method with others: I asked them to use their fingers
to move circularly around my orgone pendant that I was wearing at the time.
The energy was BIG!!!

And the most incredible thing that happened is that it activated
BOTH of our energies at the same time!!!!

A friend of mine had blocks in her heart and root chakra, since childhood.

While she was moving her fingers around my pendant she felt a powerfu
l wave of energy in these two chakras.

The next day, she told me that a few months ago she lost her psychic powers.
But after playing with my pendant for a few minutes her powers came back instantaneously.

Not only that; she said found her mission in life and gained clarity about what her passion.

How cool is that? :-)

Why use any finger?

I always suggest to ask your higher guidance to find your right answer.

Circling is just activating, so feel free to play and explore.

To make it simpler for you here is a picture that is self explanatory.

Each finger has a meaning... What do you want to boost in your life?

My friend that I mentioned previously, used her Jupiter finger (self worth).

When I talked to her she told me the she was self esteem issues when she lost her psychic skills. So that explains why
Makes sense!

What people say about this "Activation Technique"


"Thank you Lilly
We spoke last week about the finger activation of the pendants (I have the shaman pendant)
and how it worked and felt much more active than before..
You told me that it would help me transform stagnant energies...
and I seem to be working on issues with my second chakra lately...
I thought I´d support this process with the feet balancers..
Blessings, X X


I did the finger activation of my orgone pendant and it works it
seems much more alive than before...
it also feels almost like a burning sensation in the thymus gland where I am wearing
it since this morning (Haven´t been wearing it for a while) the pendant
seems to have much more energy when compared to before... ~ Barbara


As I was wearing the second chakra orgone pendant I ordered from you
I have tried the circle method you suggested on my orgone pendant.
Only few seconds after applying the technique a huge wave of energy moved to
my second chakra that was absolutely incredible.
WOW! How in the world a small pendant like this could create such a powerful
effect in my body?
I realized it was my energy that was ready for activating and going deeper into my own powers
by just using the pendant's vibrations.
I am very impressed. thank you so much ~ T


So YOU out there who own orgone pendants from us try “the circling finger method”
and let us know how magically this activating method works for you!!!

Happy circling fingers! :-)


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