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  • General healing
    General healing

    A general session deals with the whole physical body as well as its surrounding field. This holistic approach facilitates the energy to be directed where it is needed.

    If the energetic field (aura) has irregularities or chakras are blocked, the flow of energy is interrupted and illness develop.

    The healing work is done on the aura and subtle bodies, chakras and the physical body. The aura is cleaned up for energetic debris and toxins, then it is evened out and after that reinforced. The chakras are unblocked and get balanced.

    The body gets into deep state of relaxation. When the body reaches this state, the healing takes place.

    The body is a unit.

    Anything that happens in any one part of the body has an impact on another part. The body is a self correcting mechanism. When given the right energy field and opportunity the body will heal itself. The cells, nerves , bones, muscles, organs start to communicate in harmony with each other and become friendly again.

    Universal love frequency does the whole work.

    The energy receiver has to accept this healing energy from the Source in order to get healed.

    If the energy is not accepted it will travel somewhere else in the Universe, it is never wasted.

    The energy is never harmful as long as love is involved.

  • Emotional healing
    Emotional healing

    Emotional trauma can keep one in circles of pain, suffering and confusion.  Once the emotional trauma has been understood and healed the new being is being birthed to develop a new healthy life.

    A basic general session is strongly recommended before asking for a special condition healing.

    Sometimes an emotional problem is caused by a blockage in one or more of the chakras or because of debris in ones energy field. The energy has to flow freely, so the aura needs to be cleared from debris and toxins and chakras need to be balanced.

    After the basic general session is done, the work on emotional problem is done by replacing the destructive programming in ones subconscious or conscious level with high quality thoughts and feelings.

    Emotional healing works for all kinds of trauma coming from past lives or childhood, for addictions, stress, obsessions, depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, hatred, low self esteem.

    The one who receives the emotional healing needs to agree which destructive programming will be replaced with high quality thoughts in order to regain his/her balance at emotional level.

    The energy receiver has to accept this healing energy from the Source in order to get healed.

    If the energy is not accepted it will travel somewhere else in the Universe, it is never wasted.

    The energy is never harmful as long as love is involved.

    Love does miracles!

  • Remove psychic hooks & Cords
    Remove psychic hooks &...

    A psychic hook or a cord may happen when you were in contact with someone and/or you felt sympathy for him/her.

    Allowing a hook or a cord in your etheric space means you are allowing your energy to be drained and your power is taken away.

    Hooks and cords can happen to all of us, no one is exempt.
    When these hooks/cords are found they are etherically being removed with different techniques, according with each individual needs.

  • Negative patterns & implants
    Negative patterns &...

    It is a fact that implants known also as microchips, are inserted in animals for tracking purposes or people with “mental” problems and elders for tracking the medical data. This is covered in the media, but all over the internet there are discussions about a microchip population.

    An efficient way to disable these implants is by using rare earth neodium magnets and the implant orgone neutralizer

    The technique of removing implants used includes psychic viewing, disabling with high vibrational energy, and reparing the affected place/chakra/meridian/ subtle body by the implant.

    From my personal experiences I have noticed two types of implants: physical ones which are inserted through vaccination, surgery, injections, dental work and so on, and etheric implants which interfere with the normal flow of energy thru chakras and aura.

    I have also noticed that the implants not only create damage to etheric body but also to physical body and interfere with the general health.

    After removing implants in people, they noticed an improvement in their particular health problems or general health.

  • Spiritual intuitive counseling
    Spiritual intuitive...

    "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin  

    Spiritual intuitive counseling is spiritual healing. It helps your spirit heal which is the most important healing. It helps you take a quantum leap, accelerate your spiritual growth, live life with more joy and harmony.

    Everyone can benefit from spiritual counseling regardless of religious, believes orientation. The energy is accessible to all. If you would like a session please contact us mentioning what is your spiritual orientation so we can design the session accordingly.

    Spiritual Intuitive Counseling involves

    * before the session Lilly asks her spiritual guides what is best approach for your highest good

    * a breathing technique to access high vibrations and relax your mind that you can do it after everytime you are faced with a challenge

    * a quick chakra clearing and balancing, plus subtle bodies scan and necessary clearing

    * receive transformational tools to help: raise your vibrations, access the energy of universal wisdom, developing and understanding a deeper part of yourself, gaining new insight and power, open your heart, know yourself in new more loving ways, lift veils of illusion, see truth

    * a transformational meditation that changes the energy at DNA level of your being and learn to listen from a place of stillness in order to get answers.

    Check our collection of Spiritual Positive Tools For Awakening and powerful tools of grounding

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