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Negative patterns & implants 

Negative patterns & implants

It is a fact that implants known also as microchips, are inserted in animals for tracking purposes or people with “mental” problems and elders for tracking the medical data. This is covered in the media, but all over the internet there are discussions about a microchip population.

An efficient way to disable these implants is by using rare earth neodium magnets and the implant orgone neutralizer

The technique of removing implants used includes psychic viewing, disabling with high vibrational energy, and reparing the affected place/chakra/meridian/ subtle body by the implant.

From my personal experiences I have noticed two types of implants: physical ones which are inserted through vaccination, surgery, injections, dental work and so on, and etheric implants which interfere with the normal flow of energy thru chakras and aura.

I have also noticed that the implants not only create damage to etheric body but also to physical body and interfere with the general health.

After removing implants in people, they noticed an improvement in their particular health problems or general health.

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